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Children Dealing with Life and Death - 1903 Words

Most children ponder the thought of what life would be like without their parents. They imagine how amazing and fun a life filled with jokes and no rules would be. Not even having to go to school if you did not want to. Except this is not how life works. When a parent dies and the reality sets in, it quickly shows us that life is not all fun and games. The death of a parent is a devastating reality for any young child to bare. This abrupt reality may have long lasting effects as each child has their own unique way of perceiving life’s events. In the blink of an eye ones world may be completely twisted around. This kind of tragedy has the ability to shape a child in both negative and positive ways. They are now faced with the task of†¦show more content†¦Another type of death is one by tragedy that can be unexpected and can be more devastating than prolonged death in that it occurs suddenly and without notice. More often than not parents die unexpectedly and their chi ldren are left behind in a big scary world with no guidelines on how to survive. In part this is because parents do not expect to die while their child or children are still young. Planning ahead for the future can be difficult for parents emotionally as well as culturally and in some cases even financially. Initially when a parent dies it seems as if they have all the support in the world by people who love them. Most people seem to think that after a year or more children should be well adjusted, happy and have made it through their traumatic loss. A child’s perspective may seem different in fact they may feel more alone. A child named Abby had this to say about that topic â€Å"The pain got worse! Because the initial shock wears off, people stop coming to your house, and you are left†¦.with yourself† (Simon, Johnson 49). What most people do not realize is that they still are not okay. No one can completely prepare for the unknown when a child loses a parent no one can predict how each child will grieve. The caretaker of the child who is grieving has the responsibility of trying to understand the child’s thoughts or questions. When a child’s parent has died adjusting to a new way of life can be extremely difficultShow MoreRelatedElisabeth Kubler Ross On The Fear Of Death870 Words   |  4 Pages Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in On the Fear of Death claims that through the year’s death is becoming a taboo topic. No one likes to talk about it and no one wants to ever be around it. Kubler-Ross attributes this to a deep and ancient fear of death. She argues that children today, in particular, have been sheltered from death to the point that they cannot deal or even process death. Although I agree with her point that children cannot deal with death, I cannot not accept the overall conclusion that itRead MoreSocial And Behavioral Sciences : Death Dying And Grieving931 Words   |  4 PagesShort Project Paper Social and Behavioral Sciences: Death dying and Grieving I wrote a report on a person that lost his spouse. This paper relates to a person that has experienced a major tragedy in his life. His spouse of 31 years has died. I spoke with Don Joseph, a 59-year-old male who had experienced the death and grievance of his spouse, love of his life, mother to his children and lifetime friend. In Accordance with the periods of development from page 13 of the textbook, these events wereRead MoreFamily Life Cycle Position Paper887 Words   |  4 PagesThe Family Life Cycle Winston-Salem State University The dynamics of the â€Å"Family Life Cycle† are forever changing due to environmental factors around us. We live in a country that has legalized same sex marriages and the media glorifies a dysfunctional government. So this leads us to the â€Å"Nature vs. Nurture† debate. The â€Å"Nature vs. Nurture† dispute has been around for years. The issue is trying to determine which factors have the greatest influence on human behavior. Environmental factorsRead MoreDeath s Life Span By Robert Feldman1312 Words   |  6 PagesDeath is something that everyone has to eventually face it one day. The conception of death changes across the life span, as it is mention in the book â€Å"Discovering the life span† by Robert Feldman. Defining death is a complex process, which is determining at which point does the life ends. There are different stages of death such as functional death, brain death, infant and childhood deaths, and death in adolescence, death in young adulthood, death in middle adulthood and death in late adulthoodRead MoreKill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee1665 Words   |  7 PagesChildren mature and grow up at different stages of their life for different reasons. The children may mature through tragic moments in their life or just thr ough time passing. Jem and Scout are two characters in â€Å"To Kill a Mockingbird† that have matured throughout the whole novel. These two characters went through a crucial trial and had stereotyping, racism, loss and big learning moments. Jem and Scout were just like any other child but were in stages of maturing and growing up. Children includingRead MoreDealing with the Death of a Family Member1231 Words   |  5 PagesThe death of a family member can greatly affect the family system as it creates a void that is difficult to adjust to. The family experiences a terrible sense of loss, as well as a fear that they have to carry on with their lives without their loved one (Rotter, 2000). They have a hard time picturing there knew life and moving on without them. With the family system changing it may destroy the relationships that already exists in the family (Bowlby-West, 1983). After the death of a family memberRead MoreHoldens Hardships1373 Words   |  6 Pagesprotagon ist, Holden, goes through many hardships in his journey to self-knowledge. In the beginning, Holden has to deal with being kicked out of school and not having any place to call home. He is also struggling with the unfortunate tragedy of the death of his beloved younger brother Allie. At the same time, Holden is trying to deal with growing up and accepting the adult world. Throughout the novel Salinger addresses the conflicts faced by a young man struggling with the trials and tribulations ofRead MoreEssay about Dealing with a Parents Death784 Words   |  4 PagesDealing with a Parents Death Research Question: How does a child cope with the loss of a parent who suffered from AIDS: Introduction: This research study will show the challenges that children face when dealing with the loss of a parent due to the AIDS virus. The sources for the research have come from the Tarrant County College Resource Center, online internet sites, and an interview with a social worker, Rebecca Wright, from the AIDS Outreach Center Youth ServicesRead MoreThe Effects Of Early Parental Loss On The Psychological Functioning And Sense Of Identity Among Young Adults Essay1507 Words   |  7 Pages Death is something that is difficult to deal with; even more so as a child. Therefore, children most of the time do not understand death and are confused about reasoning behind the loss. At this stage in a child’s life they do not have the tools that are needed to deal with this kind emotional turmoil. Bereavement of a parent can traumatize a child so badly that it can affect him or her later in adulthood. Under those circumstances psychological treatment should be obtained for the child afterRead MoreTheme Of Tragedy In Shakespeares King Lear993 Words   |  4 Pagesmake up the play King Lear are: 1. The influence of many deaths in William Shakespeare’s life, 2. Historical context of King Lear, and 3. Rightful order in England. These three elements are crucial to the play King Lear and give the pl ay structure. How did the influence of death William Shakespeare’s life contribute to the play King Lear? There are many deaths that Shakespeare had encountered in his life. Shakespeare had encountered the death of his son, sister, father, and probably more. Many theorize

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